Useful for managing players in the game


Name Type Description
LocalPlayerPlayerWhen called from a local script, returns the local player
Inherited from Dynamic Name Enabled Root Tag Position Rotation LocalRotation Size Parent TextureID TextureTiling TextureTilingY


Name Returns Description
GetPlayerByUsernamePlayerReturns the connected player whose username corresponds to the value, provided one exists
GetPlayerByUserIdPlayerReturns the connected player whose user ID corresponds to the value, provided one exists
GetPlayersTableGets an array of all connected players in the game
Inherited from Clone Destroy
Inherited from Dynamic SetParent Log IsA FindFirstChild FindFirstChildOfClass FindFirstParentOfClass MoveTo NetworkSync LookAt LocalToWorldPoint GetChildren ClearChildren


Name Description
PlayerJoinedInvoked when a player loads into the game
PlayerLeftInvoked when a player has left the game
PlayerSpawnedInvoked when a player spawns
PlayerDiedInvoked when a player dies